Emotional intelligence(EI) is a way to handle emotions when a person loses grip on the situation and reacts to it. EI is the ability to positively recognize, understand, and manage our emotions. It is the beauty of mankind to express empathy when other’s are in need. Moreover, it gives you the power to communicate effectively and convey thoughts and feelings, and at the same time recognize and understand the feelings of others.

This is the human tendency to blame the situation, prove it culprit, and safeguard their own behaviour and action. But once you start recognizing and admitting your emotions, thoughts, and behaviour, you will begin balancing any situation that seems tough to handle.

I always used to blame conditions over my emotions handling problems, but sooner or later, I was getting alone and isolated from my dear one. I found myself missing in their talks and plans.
Before I used to blame them for their rude behaviour but when I saw this is not only them who were doing that but my colleagues also doing the same.
Their behaviour toward me made me realize where I was wrong. I started joining the dots of my wrong repeated actions, which has opened my eyes to new challenges and possibilities to improve myself emotionally.

I am sharing the most critical 5 steps which I found useful-

1. Self-awareness method

Recognizing your own emotions will help you to understand where you are lacking or slipping in any situation. Sometimes we lose many opportunities because of our temper and related behaviour. If we know our weaknesses, we can control our thoughts and actions.

2. Self-management method

If you know in which circumstances you lack in handling your feelings and related thoughts? When are your sentiments overpowering you? This observation will help to control overpowered thoughts and emotions. Losing temperament and action may hurt you and others emotionally and physically, so self-management always helps to monitor emotions and aggravated actions. Meditation is the way to monitor the recurring of negative and depressive thoughts and help to get good control over them.

 Other practical methods are-

1. Divert your attention from disturbing thoughts – such as going for a walk, doing exercise, playing with a pet, do breathing exercises.

2. Reframe your thought about that issue and find a new and broader way of looking at the situation.

 3. Look at the situation as an observant then react to it. Please do not immediately react to it; first observe its severity, then express thought. 

3. Stop judging others

 Generally, we make an opinion about another person without thinking about their intentions and point of view. This behaviour gives you trouble in making a smooth relationship because you judge that person with your perception and point of view.

Judging is not required all the time; sometimes, we have to adopt a positive way of seeing another person’s point of view, which will provide great relaxation to our minds. You will succeed in making a cordial relationship with another person.

4. Communicate effectively

Communicating effectively requires verbal and non-verbal skills, will help you a lot to express your point of view to others. Effecting communication is about understanding others’ intentions and a thought process and conveying your thought process that leads to better information exchanged. If you are conveying your message as intended, make sure it is received as intended.
Non-verbal skills include good listening skills, eye contact, and body language, which shows your interest in such communication.

5. Develop connections with people

Start to mingle with people; if you are shy or introverted, you can begin first by listening to others and showing interest and respect towards them.
You can start on a social platform to send good morning messages and other informative messages to help them know about you and vice versa.

A note for the readers

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