Live the Life

Social media is flooded with lots of resolution ideas, and I am confused about which way to go, and what to select? If you are also confused like me, then you are not alone. Last year I stuck with one idea that I would revise all my math books till 12the grade, and this way I could help my daughter in her studies, and some extent I tried to fulfil this resolution, but due to covid and homeschooling, I found it hard to achieve it, but I did.

Is it really compulsory to make a resolution every year and then go for it? – Please don’t take me wrong here but I think it is not mandatory, but if you do, you will get one more chance to improve yourself, isn’t it?

So why not find one resolution that is approachable and realistic to you and can easily fit into your life, and is not influenced by social media. 

I would like to suggest some beneficial resolution ideas to help you shed pressure and weight from your shoulder and make you feel more relaxed and satisfied in life.

Learn New language

A resolution like- making a little effort daily to improve the vocabulary or learn a new language. Learn small to big words daily and try to use them in your daily routine; if you want some encouragement, you can join some group associated with that language. Something that embraces your talent and focus and a slight shift from your daily routine. 

Give life to your old hobbies 

Start this new year with new emotions but with your old hobbies. Start the year with full enthusiasm; what if you are broken or wounded, but still you have a heart to fill love and care again. Remember the olden days when you were a child with lots of creativity and an imaginary mind; use that creativity again and bring out your childhood once again.

Be a good chef again

Have you ever thought about being a weekend cook? Cooking is a great pleasure that keeps you busy and makes you feel every steps from buying veggies to cleaning and cooking. This will help to maintain your mental and physical health. 

If you don’t know cooking, search for cooking classes if possible; this way, you will also learn and make friends. You can also watch youtube or other social media to learn recipes.

Be a Book Worm again

Books are good friends; everyone knows that; let’s make a habit of finishing your favourite book pages daily. Take a membership in your nearby library and try to go every weekend to get new books. This reading habit resolution will bring intellect and focus to your life.

Make a little distance with social media

Social media is like a knife; it totally depends on how we are going to use it. Social media plays a significant role in making you informed, but at the same time, it disturbs our life with unwanted information and content, and that is enough to make our life problematic. So spent some time without a mobile or laptop and adopt the same old way to connect with people.

Connect with nature do Gardening

We can feel almighty power when we see nature, full of life and beauty. Nature enhances our spirit and growth. So grow veggies and flowers in your garden, nurture them like kids and give a healthy environment to your society. If possible, make a community garden where you and your friends can help and support each other.

Gardening will calm your mind and soul and help you understand life difficulties and challenges like a plant that suffers all the weather conditions without any complaint.

Spend time with yourself

Spend some time with yourself, sometimes being alone is a good way of knowing your true self. Through meditation, you will get to know your true soul. Meditating mind can easily understand the depth of any problem and can easily bring out the solution which seem difficult before. Meditation helps in your overall growth; and i think this should be mandatory for everyone to make meditation as a part of daily life.
Regular meditation gives a better understanding of your surroundings and situations and helps you understand others well.

life is very beautiful, respect and love yourself; Start this year with new and your own idea of resolution to be calm and happy. With new messages and understanding i am going to meet you again next year.

” A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022″ to all of you stay happy and stay blessed.