Your little efforts make a huge impact on your personality. Every single effort you make, your goals get closer to you, But the changes in a result will come if you really make changes in the effort. Life will remain the same if your effort is the same. The way you do work, the way you think affects the result. Your result is the outcome of your action. So make some changes in your action or in your efforts so you will get the reason to be proud of. I will start this topic with a question, What do you think about yourself? This question will always come first, and this is the crucial question that will lead you to explore yourself. How would you describe yourself – hardworking, caring, helpful, or selfish? What characteristics do you want in you that people will describe you in your absence- honest, generous, or patient.

You can become the person you want to be, but you need to think about how your little efforts toward the desired life can also change your and others’ lives.
Here are a few steps I think that will be helpful to tell my point-

Find your inside out

Find who you are inside of your soul ? How honest you are in your work, in your relationship, or with yourself? Once you learn about your true self, you can improve your personality.

When a person cheat others; that will make them weak deep down, but if a person cheat himself or herself, will turn to enemy of our own, which will be most disturbing part of anybody’s life . So come on the right path, accept yourself, and then prepare yourself for the betterment.

Try to be genuine with others; if you are a team leader, motivate your team member; despite being more competent than you in some extant way, your generosity will always make you ahead of them.

Believe in your abilities, belief in God, and believe in time. Put your focus on your aim, and the rest will be handled by itself. 

Give your helping hand first

I want to give you a real-life example that will help to satisfy this point. My grandparents were poor economically, but by heart, they were rich. I was 6 years old, walking with my grandparent on the street of Lucknow in the winter season when my grandpa saw one beggar who did not have even one woolen cloth in his body and was shivering. Everyone was passing by but not bothered about it; my grandpa gave his jacket to the beggar; I knew that my grandpa ( i call him nana Ji) had only one jacket. So I asked him why he did so much merciful act, but I did not get a proper reply. But today, I know that act was gratitude towards life, and my nana Ji was trying to help the beggar the way he got help from God; he did not expect anything in return, but he got so many blessings from the beggar.
Even in a rugged life path, think about others; you don’t know when you will get the grace of God.

What’s on the inside of us during a time of testing is what comes out.”

John Register, disabled athlete

Save and Help more

Save this humanity by saving your resources and helping those who are needy. Wealthy people know that paying attention to money expenditure will help to add more money and make a big difference.
Many people help others without even knowing them; how can they do this humanity act? Some people even go beyond their limits to help others; they save some of their income for the donation, distribute food and clothes to the needy, and beyond their limits, they help others, and the most crucial point is that they are not rich even. Are they extranormal people, or are they just like us? They are just like us but a bit more human who thinks about others first. They help others with their power, money, and support, sometimes mentally and sometimes emotionally. So save your resources, don’t waste your money only for your leisure, and provide economical support to others who are desperately in need.

The tiny water droplets will fill a big ocean.”

Celebrate Life

Every moment is precious, so live the present moment.
In this covid time May 2021, when Riya lost his father, she was depressed but still wanted to help the community. She was thinking of adopting a child because this covid time so many kids have lost their parents. So she decided to adopt a 10-days old girl child whose parents recently got passed due to covid.
Riya was delighted to have a girl child because she wanted to give true love what she got from her father.
This kind way she tried to make her as well as others life happy too.

True color

Our True personality comes out in a hard time; the true leaders get revealed when the emergency occurs.
Sometimes we don’t know when someone will help us in an emergency situation with whom we don’t have any relation.
In flood in my neighboring state, people came out to help others when they knew they could also flush away.
They held hands together and made a chain to take out people who got stuck in their houses.

This is another example of a heroic act when a 12-year-old boy saw a man drowning in river Ganga; he jumped without thinking even once about him and saved that man.
Many examples are there we heard or read in a newspaper, that your little efforts and actions can save others’ lives.
Your little action can turn out to big help to those in need; only you have to show and come out from your limitation.

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