Prayers always get the answer. It needs just your eyes, which can read the changes that are getting happen right now, right there in your heart, which lets you closer to your inner mind, which you call the unconscious mind.

As we know, problems come with a bundle of Anxiety and stress; some people look at the situation as an opportunity; for some, it is a burden, and they want some way to come over it.
In both situations, a person seeks some instincts that provide assurance of success.
Today we are going to deep down into the science of prayer.

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Prayer is a Focus:

An undivided Focus towards your goal is a prayer; if your goal is to see God or your plan is to get the Materialistic things in, either way, you do prayer. Prayers get you close to whatever you want to achieve in your life.

Prayer is an Energy:

When you do prayer while you are reciting any mantra or you are meditating, or you are focusing on your goal, you are generating energy. Energy can be positive or negative is depend on your focus; you can keep your energy positive by doing positive self-talk.


Self-talk is a way to come up from the cluster, which you are making in your mind by yourself. Self-talk is a beautiful way to guide yourself to the right choice and instruct your mind to concentrate on positivity.

Prayer is your worship toward your goal:

In all religions, the first thing we learn is to do devotion to get close to your almighty God; what does it mean? It means giving your 100 percent attention with all your heart.

To radiate energy between you and almighty God to convey a message, you do prayer, and the power between you and your belief gives you an assurance that your prayer will get an answer.

Connect yourself daily with the energy by meditating, or while worshiping God both ways, you can do prayer and get yourself connected with the unlimited energy flow.

Prayer is a discipline:

Prayer is a daily ritual you can do to maintain balance in your mental condition and physical well-being. If you are maintaining discipline in your daily routine, you are present in all your moments, you are aware of your conscious mind. It clarifies your vision and boosts your energy, and when it happens, your prayers get an answer with full understanding and clarity.

How we can do prayer:

It is just your inner voice that makes your energy connect with your goals.
If you want to listen to your inner voice, you have to focus on yourself first then your goals with all your heart; if you do that, nobody can stop you from getting success toward your goal.
Connect yourself daily with energy by meditating, or while worshiping God both ways, you can do prayer and get yourself connected with the unlimited energy flow.
Daily meditation will clarify your vision and surprise you with more constructive ideas towards your goals when your vision will clear. This positivity will radiate in your energy, and your prayer will get an answer.